063 - The Real Reason for the Sale

July 14, 2016
I recently bumped into a fund manager friend, whom I will call Bill. He told me that people don’t appreciate anymore the “buy-and-hold-forever” philosophy of his fund.

I inquired about an example when they did appreciate that in the past. He mentioned about the exiting owner of a contracting company, which chose his fund over a competing strategic buyer, as they offered a “long term future” for his employees. (On further inquiry, it turned out that the seller cheated key staff members out of their exit bonus, after closing – hardly a sign of concern for the welfare of these employees.)

So why is the GOOD reason for the sale, not necessary the REAL reason, and why is it important to find out? Furthermore, what will be Bill’s real differentiator, if “buy-and –hold-forever” has fizzled out?

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