078 - Smart and Lazy People

August 11, 2016
One of my favorite books is “On War” from an early 19th century Prussian general, Claus von Clausewitz.  This is possibly the most famous book on military strategy after “Art of War”, that most of you have heard of.  In his book Clausewitz talks about grouping officers into four clusters in terms of their intelligence and diligence. There are the dumb and lazy officers, who should be left alone. The smart and diligent officers must be taken great care of, as they will get everything done and make you look good.  The dumb and diligent ones are dangerous and should be fired or pushed aside, as they screw everything up. However, the smart and lazy officers are destined for the highest positions in the army…

The smart and lazy ones - this is what today’s podcast show is about.

Tune in to hear my story about a smart and lazy colleague of mine and how he made a stellar career at KPMG London, where I started my career. Find out how to become a smart and lazy entrepreneur yourself and what it means to your succession.

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Your succession is success!

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