035 - Malfunctioning Employees

June 16, 2016
In this episode, you can learn about how most employees lose their value proposition eventually. With the words of Dan Kennedy: “They all go lame….”

According to the “Peter Principle” of the Parkinson Laws, “Every employee is eventually promoted to his own level of incompetence”.  

Successful and productive employees tend to get carried away with their own greatness and the company’s apparent dependence on their services. Compensations do not increase indefinitely and when the excess bucks stop coming employees often respond by holding back performance and developing and “attitude deficiency”.

Listen to the story of a former high-flying employee who stopped growing and eventually became a liability for my organization and how I dealt with him in what turned out to be a mutually advantageous solution.

Question of the Day: How do You manage your valuable employees who have stopped growing?

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