036 - Triplex Listening

June 17, 2016
Succession requires growing people in your organization so that they can step up to bigger and bigger roles over time.  We as leaders achieve our success through the work of others. Therefore, our most valuable skill is coaching our leaders and the most important tool of coaching is good listening.

In this Episode, Steve explains the skill of Triplex listening, he learned from Dave Buck, the CEO of Coachville.  “Triplex” refers to the three levels of listening:  
  1. What is being said
  2. What is not being said (reading between the lines)
  3. The energy of the speaker.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn what each level represents, together with examples of each.

Question of the Day: Are you a “Monoplex”, a “Duplex” or a “Triplex” listener?

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