040 - Wanting to Prepare to Win

June 21, 2016

Hall of Fame basketball coach, Bobby Knight said that: “The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. The key is the will to prepare to win.”

This quote is relevant to a discussion I had today with a client about the commitment of employees to the company’s and their personal growth. I argued that it depended on whether the employee had sufficient desire to achieve, which he disagreed with. As it turned out, we interpreted the subject of the desire differently, but we agreed that the motivation has to be there. Without the tension of unfulfilled desire, exceptional performance is unlikely to occur.

Listen to today’s episode to learn the reasons why desire is essential to success and the various triggers that can catalyze desire to achieve. Learn how leadership can generate “mass desire” in the workforce, while inherently only a small percentage of the staff would self-drive for results.

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