041 - Are You Thriving on Adrenaline

June 22, 2016
Adrenaline is Addictive.

The excitement of deadlines, running late, and courting danger is a source of joy for business owners and executives. It gives us a boost of energy that we use to get projects done and put out fires.

The problem is, that adrenaline was designed for survival, not for living. In fact, your addiction to adrenaline can prevent you from building a great company. It is the single biggest obstacle to succession.

In today’s episode, I discuss why business owners succumb to adrenaline addiction and how they stay stuck in reactive mode as a result. You will learn how to wean yourself off adrenaline, by replacing it with another, more productive addiction.

Question of the Day: What is super-important for your business that you can’t get to?

Your Succession is Success!

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