042 - How to Get Proprietary Deals

June 23, 2016
In today’s episode, I answer Marian’s question which he emailed from Slovakia.

Proprietary deals are those, to which you get to first. It is the opposite of a non-proprietary deal, which is being shopped by an intermediary who wants to turn you into a commodity so that you have to compete with price.  

Marian works at a buy-and-hold private investment company and wants to get deals where he can build a bilateral relationship with business owners. Bilateral is good. Relationship is better still. How can he do it?

This is a big topic, but in today’s episode, I describe my 8-step process to build a proprietary deal flow. 

  1. Articulate the types of deal (Size, Situation, Sector)
  2. Buy and research a list
  3. Craft your story and message
  4. Get your story out
  5. Become a thought leader and serve your target market
  6. Network with intermediaries serving your market
  7. Reverse engineer the desired results
  8. Turn reaching out into a habit

Yes, it involves planning, process and persistence. But it works. It is the exact process (plus social media) that allowed me to build a market-leading investment bank.

Question of the Day: How do you generate dealflow?

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