052 - How to Build Your Leadership Muscles

July 3, 2016
In today’s show, we discuss how leaders can build up their power to persuade and influence others.

Leadership is essentially selling your message and to sell anything you first have to believe in your own message with conviction. The first sale is to yourself.

Listen to the show to learn how you can build credibility with your own eyes. Self-confidence and belief that will allow you to persuade and influence others with your message. I am sharing my story of how as a young fencer I admired and tried to emulate an audacious peer who competed without a shiver of self-doubt against national athletes, 10 years his seniors.   

Find out how I tried to reverse engineer the secret behind Zoltan’s self-confidence to give myself an edge in my career as a banker and the limits to this strategy as a leader. I am also sharing the strategy that leaders can successfully employ to become unstoppable.

See you on the show, and remember:  Your succession is success!

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