064 - Riding 4 Horses with a Single A–

July 15, 2016
When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me “don’t try to ride two horses with one a*s”.  Recently I have noticed that I am trying to ride not just two, but four horses. (Not mentioning my personal life, which is probably is at least another horse or two).  

My horses are coaching groups and individuals, publishing my daily Succession Secrets podcast show, gearing up to become a public speaker and growing my coaching business.  I feel I should prioritize, but I have no heart to kick out any of the horses from under me.

I called my father to try to make sense of this conundrum, who further confused me with another proverb, he had heard from his boss as a young MD and researcher: “To be successful, you have to swallow it all”. I.e., he had to treat his patients, write his doctorate, carry out research and teach at the university, if he was to become a top heart specialist.

Was my dad talking from both side of his mouth?

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Your succession is success!

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