082 - Three Ways to Exert Leadership

October 6, 2016

I received a question from Christos Nikolau the other day about the difference between Leadership and Coaching. Thanks for the questions Christos! 

Leadership is the action of influencing people to achieve goals. Coaching is one of the ways to exert this leadership.

In today’s episode, I am discussing the three ways to exert leadership. The first one is Modeling, where you are leading people by setting a personal example of the attitudes and performance that you expect them to emulate. This works well in the workplace or in your family, where people see you operating. It also works when you are visible through the media, and we emulate celebrities, artists, and politicians, for better or worse. This is why we need leaders that we can look up to and that are worth emulating. George Washington, Gandhi and Angela Merkel are good examples. 

Coaching is a tool to help individuals or groups to figure things out themselves the right way forward. It is the Socratic method of leadership that allows you to influence other’s thinking indirectly, without having to tell them what to do. It works in one-to—one and small group situations - like Vistage executive peer-groups - where direct interaction in possible.

The third tool of leadership is inspiration, when you create the desire in your listeners to want to follow your lead. Inspirational leadership is exerted through public speaking, writing, acting or through other media, like audio or video. inspirational leadership has the biggest potential impact, as you can reach millions of people with your message. The more the hesitance between you and your audience the more inspiring the message must be. Think of “Don’t ask what your country can do for you…”, or “I have a dream….”, or “Imagine….”.

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