047 - How do I know that my Successor is Qualified?

June 28, 2016
This question came from Shane who lives in Chesterfield, VA.

The first thing to establish is how we define “qualified”.  Does qualified mean “as good as you”, or that he is “good enough to handle the role, and has the potential to succeed in it”?  The latter question is more relevant, as if he is already as good then maybe he should be promoted over your head. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

The second question is whether ¬you are ready to move on so that it’s worth replacing you at that stage?  Is there a compelling opportunity that warrants your replacement?  -- If not, then this is probably not the time… yet.

In today's show, we discuss how to evaluate if your successor is good enough to handle your responsibilities.  We also contrast succession in the case of an “entrepreneurial” vs. and “operating”-type role… and three techniques for accelerating succession of your “heir apparent”, if you have urgently to promote yourself to a bigger opportunity.

Finally, I describe three criteria that should be considered when making the go-no go succession decision.

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