056 - Be Your Own Investor

July 7, 2016
Many founders believe that bringing on an investor is a great idea. They see it as a “seal of approval” that they have a valuable business and they might also enjoy the security of a salary or making money from offloading a few shares.

Bringing on a VC or Private Equity investor can, of course be justified when the company needs to scale quickly to preempt the competition from catching up with the idea, or when there is only profitable room for a single player in a niche.

On the other hand too many founder give up too much for too little when they raise money from professional investors.

In today’s show, we discuss what investors bring, what they say they bring and what they definitely don’t bring. The answers might surprise you. Listen to the show to learn the pitfalls of having a professional investor and what alternatives are available to avoid bringing one on.

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